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To comply with our country's COVID-19 guidelines, our shop has adopted new standard procedures to ensure your and our staff's safety.

While we have started accepting clients, we have limited our staff to 3 artists a day and we only accept 1-3 clients per artist per day to lessen foot traffic in our shop. This is to give us ample time to sanitize our shop in between clients. We assure you that we take additional safety measures on top of our existing procedures as a tattoo and piercing studio. All of our staff are trained in dealing with cross-contamination, allergic reactions, skin infections, and other scenarios when tattooing or piercing. Our entire staff is also fully vaccinated.

  • All clients are strictly by appointment only. We do not allow walk-ins.

  • STRICTLY NO COMPANIONS. We have a limit of only 10 pax inside our shop, staff included.

  • Please arrive at our shop freshly showered and straight from your home. We'll greet you at the door by taking your temperature and a spritz of alcohol for your hands. You could further disinfect by washing your hands in our restroom.

  • Please present your completed vaccination card at the door.

  • Please wear your face mask at all times. Double mask if you can.

  • We encourage cashless payment! We accept online transfers to BPI, BDO, GCash, and Paypal.

  • If you or any of your family at home have any symptoms or if you yourself are feeling sick, please reschedule with us! The same goes if you've been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive. We'll understand and we'll thank you if you do! Times like these we have to be extra responsible not just to ourselves, but to those around us as well.

Tattooing and piercing are both very intimate practices where close contact is unavoidable. These are very strange times we're living in and we're all doing what we can to adjust. Let's all do what we can to protect each other!

Thank you, stay safe, and we'll see you soon!

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